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Monday, July 28, 2014




The Wish-Granting Prayer of Kuntuzangpo, The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra

Ho! Everything - appearance and existence, samsara and nirvana, has a

single ground, yet two paths and two fruitions, and magically displays as

awareness or unawareness.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may all beings become Buddhas, completely

perfected in the abode of the dharmadhatu. The ground of all is

uncompounded, and the self-arising great expanse, beyond expression, has

neither the name samsara nor nirvana. Realizing just this you are a Buddha;

not realizing this you are a being wandering in samsara.

I pray that all you beings of the three realms may realize the true

meaning of the inexpressible ground.

I, Kuntuzangpo, have realized the truth of this ground, free from cause

and condition, which is just this self-arising awareness. It is unstained by

outer expression and inner thought, affirmation or denial and is not defiled

by the darkness of unmindfulness. Thus this self-manifesting display is free

from defects.

I, Kuntuzangpo, abide as intrinsic awareness. Even though the three

realms were to be destroyed, there is no fear. There is no attachment to the

five desirable qualities of sense objects. In self-arising consciousness,

free of thoughts, there is neither solid form nor the five poisons.

In the unceasing clarity of awareness, singular in essence, there yet

arises the display of the five wisdoms. From the ripening of these five

wisdoms, the five original Buddha families emerge, and through the expanse

of their wisdom, the 42 peaceful Buddhas appear. Through the arising power

of the five wisdoms, the 60 wrathful Herukas manifest. Thus the ground

awareness is never mistaken or wrong.

I, Kuntuzangpo, am the original Buddha of all, and through this prayer

of mine, may all you beings who wander in the three realms of samsara

realize this self-arising awareness, and may your great wisdom spontaneously


My emanations will continuously manifest in billions of unimaginable

ways, appearing in forms to help you beings who can be trained. From the

beginning you beings are deluded because you do not recognize the awareness

of the ground.

Being thus unmindful of what occurs is delusion - the very state of

unawareness and the cause of going astray. From this delusive state comes a

sudden fainting away and then a subtle consciousness of wavering fear.

From that wavering there arises a separation of self and the perception

of others as enemies. Gradually the tendency of separation strengthens, and

from this the circle of samsara begins.

Then the emotions of the five poisons develop - the actions of these

emotions are endless. You beings lack awareness because you are unmindful,

and this is the basis of your going astray.

Through my prayer, may all you beings recognize your intrinsic

awareness! Innate unawareness means unmindfulness and distraction. Imputing

unawareness means dualistic thoughts towards self and others. Both kinds of

unawareness are the basis for the delusion of all beings.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may all you beings wandering in samsara

clear away the dark fog of unmindfulness, clear away the clinging thoughts

of duality!

May you recognize your own intrinsic awareness! Dualistic thoughts

create doubt, from subtle attachment to this dualistic turn of mind

dualistic tendencies become stronger and thicker. Food, wealth, clothes,

home and friends, the five objects of the senses and your beloved family -

all these things cause torment by creating longing and desire. These are all

worldly delusions; the activities of grasping and clinging are endless. When

the fruition of attachment ripens, you are born as a hungry ghost, tormented

by coveting and desiring, miserable, starving and thirsty.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may all you desirous and lustful beings

who have attachments, neither reject longing desire, nor accept attachment

to desires. Let your consciousness relax in its own natural state, then your

awareness will be able to hold its own. May you achieve the wisdom of

perfect discernment! When external objects appear, the subtle consciousness

of fear will arise. From this fear, the habit of anger becomes stronger and

stronger. Finally, hostility comes, causing violence and murder. When the

fruition of this anger ripens, you will suffer in hell by boiling and


Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, you beings of the six realms, when strong

anger arises for you, neither reject nor accept it. Instead relax in the

natural state and achieve the wisdom of clarity!

When your mind becomes full of pride there will arise thoughts of

competition and humiliation. As this pride becomes stronger and stronger,

you will experience the suffering of quarrels and abuse. When the fruition

of this karma ripens, you will be reborn in the god realms and experience

the suffering of change and falling to the lower rebirths.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may you beings who developed pride let

your consciousness relax in the natural state. Then your awareness will be

able to hold its own. May you achieve the wisdom of equanimity! By

increasing the habit of duality, by praising yourself and denigrating

others, your competitive mind will lead you to jealousy and fighting, and

you will be reborn in the jealous god realm, where there is much killing and

injury. From the result of that killing, you will fall into the hell realm.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, when jealousy and competitive thoughts

arise, do not grasp them as enemies. Just relax in ease, then consciousness

can hold its natural state. May you achieve the wisdom of unobstructed

action! By being distracted, careless and unmindful, you beings will become

dull, foggy and forgetful.

By being unconscious and lazy, you will increase your ignorance and the

fruition of this ignorance will be to wander helplessly in the animal realm.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer, may you beings who have fallen into the dark

pit of ignorance shine the light of mindfulness and thereby achieve wisdom

free from thought.

All you beings of the three realms are actually identical to Buddhas,

the ground of all. But your misunderstanding of the ground causes you to go

astray, so you act without aim. The six karmic actions are delusion like a

dream. I am the primordial Buddha here to train the six kinds of beings

through all my manifestations.

Through Kuntuzangpo's prayer may all you beings without exception attain

enlightenment in the state of dharmadhatu.

Ah Ho! Hereafter whenever a very powerful yogin with his or her

awareness radiant and free from delusion recites this very powerful prayer,

then all who hear it will achieve enlightenment within three lifetimes.

During a solar or lunar eclipse, during an earthquake or when the earth

rumbles, at the solstices or the New Year you should visualize Kuntuzangpo.

And if you pray loudly so all can hear, then beings of the three realms will

be gradually liberated from suffering, through the prayer of the yogin and

will finally achieve enlightenment.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet