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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lord Shiva : Icon of Renewal


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stuart Eizenstat: Establishment Democrat

There’s so much to get my Irish up these days that I’ve tried to stop watching much cable TV to prevent myself from having a stroke. But today I happened to catch a C-SPAN discussion which included former VP Mondale and his erstwhile chief of staff Stuart Eizenstat. When asked about the feasibility of an impeachment inquiry centered on VP Cheney, Eizenstat countered that impeachment of Cheney would be “outrageous “ and that nothing he has done would even approach a high crime or misdemeanor. No, Mr. Eizenstat? Suppose it were established beyond reasonable doubt that Cheney indeed intentionally manipulated intelligence in order to initiate an unwarranted war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, a war that , incidentally, has profited Cheney’s “defense industry” friends to the tune of about 500 billion dollars. Or, just suppose it were established that Cheney conspired with the oil companies to create artificial price increases that have created a burden on average Americans, including small business people. Or just suppose he subverted international law by promoting torture and subverted the constitution by promoting spying on American citizens without court authorization. Or if the allegations that Cheney was indeed the engineer of the outing of a covert CIA agent were to be proven true. I could easily make numerous additions to the supposition list. You’re saying that these matters should not be duly investigated? That would be “outrageous?” So these are just minor differences in political philosophy that we’re dealing with these days, heh Mr. Eizenstat? What is an impeachable offense in your estimation? Losing money for the mega-corporations? I’ve been a registered Democrat all my adult life; but when I hear Democrats like you talk the nonsense they do I am really tempted to go Independent. By the way, why don’t you switch and declare yourself to be the rightist Republican you really are in your heart of hearts. I am so tired of hearing fat-cat nambie- pambies passing themselves off as Democrats.