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Monday, September 12, 2011

Guru Rinpoche

American Idiocy

Yes. And remember they put George W. Bush in the White House twice. And the more "progressive" of them are still defending Obama despite the obvious fact that he has been the willing puppet of Wall Street and the corporate elite from day one. And they have looked the other way for years while hundreds of thousands of human beings have been maimed and slaughtered in unjustified wars for oil and profit. They sit gaping at "Dancing with the Stars" while the One Percent take the food off their tables; devalue their property; rob them of their savings and pensions; magnify their indebtedness; yank away their privacy and civil rights - and turn them and their children and their children's children into perpetual serfs. Yes, as George Carlin put it: "The public sucks." They have colluded fully in the debasement of their lives and the destruction of their democracy. And the One Percent are laughing their asses off at them. Yes, the public. "When will they ever learn?"