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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Face of Vajrasattva

From the Guhyagarbha Tantra:

Know this unitary mind free of subject and object contemplating the Buddha's radiance as nothing at all --- Here is the clear light of Pure Awareness of Intrinsic Presence - and everything is realized as intrinsically empty and in reality there is no substance whatsoever.

The mind filled with Vajrasattva, samadhi saturated with radiance, everything becomes his vajra-nature; and since he is everything, nothing can harm him. With oneself and sattva inseparable action accords with whatever appears, and the vision and activity of oneself and sattva are one - and that is direct perception of the vajra-face.

All and everything as the space of that manifold insight - all appearances and existence, everything whatsoever unmoving from the intrinsical here and now, are neither existent nor non-existent, and their being and non-being are indivisible: All is gathered into the space of existential sameness - and everything in that way inseparable from sameness, is inviolable. That is the abode of sattva and the supreme order who realize that, their status in accord with sattva, they see directly the vajra-face.

All one in the suchness of the ground of being - and illusory appearances, all reflected images, lack any substance in their very nature; yet that very absence of substance displays multiplicity. That awakened mind - known as intrinsic presence -  all as existential space, Samantabadhra, that is Vajrasattva. Whoever recognizes that, his Buddha-mind in harmony with Sattva, he sees the vajra-face.

Nothing whatsoever has any substance. That very absence of substance appears as multiplicity - The nature of appearances is nothing at all. Although there is a constant stream of creativity, it is nothing and that is immaculate. The utterly inviolable here and now is not insensate matter; it is radiantly clear light, and Vajrasattva abides there. Whoever recognizes that is a member of the supreme order and, indivisible from the vajra-order, he has direct perception of the vajra- face.

Although unreal, obscurations do arise, and just as in the process of their creation they dissolve - so the forms of thought are abandoned instantaneously. In that way he is empowered by all things and he becomes a being of the sublime order.

Identical to Vajrasattva, the supreme siddhis are perfected in him. He attains the blissful Pure Land. Supreme wisdom becomes his display; and he is  an exemplar to gods and men. He is empowered in body, speech and mind, and whatever he imagines is actualized.

His activity everywhere is supreme awareness of bliss; and he has reached a place where suffering has ceased.

Reaching the supreme vajra- status, through the blessings of great compassion he leads all beings without exception into that vajra-order.