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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Another Media Punk-Out

Representative John Conyers committee just came out with a published report detailing twenty-six constitutional violations and legal abuses by the Bush administration. (Constitution in Crisis)
Have you seen anything about it on the networks or on cable news? I haven't. A major crisis we're facing in this country is the irresponsibilty of the media, occasioned by their "corporate entanglements." Americans, in effect, have lost their main source of objective information and critical commentary. Whatever Bush and his cohorts do is made to seem "feasible" by
the media- as though it were just "politics as usual." It's as though a raging fire were blazing and people just sat around discussing the relative merits of heat vs. cold instead of dousing the flames with water. Regarding the Conyers' report some of the progressive websites have petitions to the media going around addressing their silence regarding the report. Or you can send your own emails to organizations like CNN, MSNBC, etc.
We need to start making a lot of noise about the media's irresponsibility- about this issue and in general.

Monday, August 07, 2006

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How Did Americans Get So Damn Stupid?

A Harris poll released today indicates that 50% of Americans still believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction at the time Bush invaded the country. The figure is up from 38% last year. This kind of news is really disconcerting to a person like me- and no doubt you- who has been basically optimistic about the prospects of reason ultimately prevailing in this country and the right-wing tyranny that's been emerging being stopped. What in heaven's name is going on? Is it that the deteriorated education system, coupled with years of being manipulated by the merchant advertisers and their politician-servants has produced a population of functional morons? Has right-wing talk radio, Fox News and the like made an indelible mark? No wonder other recent polls taken around the world reveal that people all over think that Americans have taken leave of their senses. I wrote a blog recently asking whether we ought to start thinking about emigrating like our ancestors ( - Search: theopendimension). My conclusion in the blog was " probably not yet;" But it's becoming more and more apparent that rational Americans who want to get their country back have their work cut out for them.