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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The New America: Feudal State

The Republicans have pretty much succeeded in returning us to medieval times. A sector of major corporations, through their politician puppets, are well on their way to fully distributing the nation’s wealth to the coffers of about two percent of the population. The latest example is legislation pending in the Senate to “reform” the estate tax; that is, to virtually eliminate it, thereby creating a hereditary feudal lordship: two hundred million serfs ruled by a handful of “aristocrats.” This while the country is in dire straits, indebted in the billions to China and Japan and waging a financially debilitating war in the Middle East. Thank you, Senator Kyl, standard bearer of the plutocracy.
This has all gone beyond just “serious.” And we have to be honest in terms of Democratic complicity in the redistribution scheme. It wasn’t the right wing that threw out the eminent-domain laws which were an integral component of our constitutional guarantees for hundreds of years. It was moderates on the Supreme Court. And the Republicans canned the bankruptcy rights of Americans with the help of about fifty Democrats, by my estimation. We have to call our own to task too- and without compromise. And we have to get millions of comatose progressives to get out and vote. Kerry-Edwards would have been the winning ticket had they done so. No doubt.