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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kali Ma

Dervish Musician, India

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Communication from Campaign for Liberty, 10/20/2011

Subject: Stop the Obama Onslaught

Date: Oct 20, 2011 9:02 AM

After two years of President Obama installing his own handpicked bureaucrats in EVERY federal agency, I'm afraid we're about to witness an assault on our liberties like few we've ever seen.With congressional statists in disarray, Obama now plans to use the Executive Branch to ram through sweeping changes in policy to control speech, wreck private enterprise, install vast parts of Cap and Tax, and more.But a little-known law could stop Obama cold in his tracks - if Representatives and Senators have the GUTS to use it.

As you'll see, the petition demand your Representative and Senator exercise their power of "Congressional Review" to STOP out of control government bureaucrats from ramming their agenda down the throats of the American people.How important is this?Just weeks ago, the Federal Communications Commission set the stage for a complete government takeover of the internet.Then, the so-called "Environmental Protection Agency" announced its intention to start regulating carbon dioxide emissions - the first step toward IMPOSING a full-blown "Cap and Tax" scheme without so much as a Congressional vote.Unless you and I fight back IMMEDIATELY, I'm afraid there could be much more to come, including:

***The so-called "Fairness Doctrine," a shameless FCC attempt to SHUT DOWN free speech and guarantee the only opinions you hear and see are "government-approved";

***Card Check Instant Union Organizing, where the NLRB would strip workers of the right to vote in a secret ballot election, subjecting hardworking men and women to threats, intimidation, and worse from union militants

***MANDATED naked body scans, not only required by "Homeland Security" for American citizens to board an airplane, but just to go to a mall, see a sporting event, or travel by bus or train, as well;

*** Death panels, handing "Health and Human Services'" unaccountable government bureaucrats the power to deny care - resulting in what amounts to life and death power over you and your loved ones

***401(k) seizure, allowing the IRS and the Social Security Administration to CONFISCATE Americans' private retirement accounts to help the federal government pay its bills.
And all that might only be the beginning!The truth is, for decades, presidents of BOTH parties and their federal agencies have abused their power to "rule by decree" - bypassing Congress and SHREDDING the U.S. Constitution - to impose their agenda

Now, especially after the "shellacking" that was the 2010 elections, the statists are looking even more to federal agencies to ram their agenda down the throats of the American people.The good newspc is Congress CAN stop these radical new schemes.Within 60 days of a new bureaucratic "rule" being issued, Congress can pass joint "Resolutions of Disapproval" with a simple majority vote.These resolutions were authorized in 1996 in a since all-but-forgotten law called the Congressional Review Act.These resolutions literally KILL any new regulatory measure - unless vetoed by the President.And believe me, under the white-hot heat of the pubic spotlight, President Obama will think twice before pulling out his veto pen just months before he stands for reelection.Knowing his 2012 reelection campaign is just around the corner, overriding the will of Congress and the American people to PERSONALLY impose some radical new scheme won't be a pleasant thought.But it's up to you and me to get the ball rolling by putting Congress on notice. And that means making sure every Representative and Senator knowspc that just "sitting on their hands" once the bureaucratic assault begins won't cut it.

Over the next few weeks, my plan is to use direct mail and email to recruit and mobilize a grassroots army to light the fire under Congress.In fact, I'm hoping to contact up to twelve million Americans just in the initial push!Believe me, those kinds of numbers will REALLY get Congress' attention - but that won't be the end of it.To make sure we sustain pressure on Congress, I've also prepared three rounds of hard-hitting internet, radio, and newspcpaper advertising.And finally - once the regulatory assault begins - I'm planning to launch yet another mail and TV ad campaign, targeting key Representatives and Senators to urge them to vote to pass "Resolutions of Disapproval."Now, this fight won't be easy - or cheap.In fact, outside of Audit the Fed, such a massive effort could literally dwarf any other program Campaign for Liberty has ever conducted.

But, if we don't act, I'm afraid all of our victories could go up in smoke as we see the statists' full agenda IMPOSED on American citizens without so much as a congressional vote.So I'm counting on your IMMEDIATE action.First, won't you please fill out the petition to your Representative and Senators, telling them they will be held accountable for refusing to stop the oncoming bureaucratic onslaught?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't Reward Betrayal: Dump Oligarch Obama

I voted for him too. But not again. Yes, I know, the argument is that if we don't vote for him we'll get even worse. Don't fall for it. The worst we'll get is someone just as bad. Obama is a fraud and a hypocritical hustler. What he really is is the best Republican candidate for 2012. As Boehner pointed out, Obama has given the GOP 98% of what they've wanted. Why? Not because he was forced to but because he is in fundamental agreement with the GOP agenda.

Obama received more money from Wall Street and the corporate elite than any political candidate in American history. And there is where his loyalties lie. Don't be fooled by his occasional populist rhetoric. That's just a ploy. He is a corporatist through and through. Look at the record and close your ears to the malarkey.

Look at his radical escalation of the profiteers' warfare. Look at the needless loss of life and limb.The only beneficiaries of Obama's wars are the banks and war industries which have made trillions from the slaughter. Obama is not "just as bad" as Bush. He's worse than Bush. Look at his refusal to hold the Wall-Street thieves accountable for their crimes despite the lives they've destroyed here and around the world. Look at his phoney "financial reform" that has kept the Wall-Street profiteers "too big to fail." They're raking in the money more than ever after Obama bailed them out at the expense of the American people. They are Obama's money suppliers and he takes excellent care of them. And take a gander at his "healthcare reform." The insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry are in full control and healthcare costs are increasing day by day. Have you seen the insurance companies complaining about Obama's "reforms?" Why would they? They are cashing in grandly with Obama's devoted assistance.

Yes, Obama isn't just Bush-all-over-again. He's worse. Did he fight hard to end the tax cuts to the wealthy? Of course not. He knows full well where his money comes from, astute Wall-Street Democrat that he is. And why is Timothy Geithner his Treasury Secretary? Because he was forced to appoint him? Come on. There are just no valid excuses for Obama--- and Progressives and others who continue to defend him need to get out of denial. Enough is enough.

Look at the grievous damage Obama is doing to this nation. Look at the terrible precedents he has set: Declaring an accused whistleblower guilty before trial and holding him in solitary confinement indefinitely under conditions amounting to torture; refusing to investigate and prosecute war crimes; conducting nationwide persecutions, home invasions and detentions of anti-war protestors; formulating "kill lists" of American citizens;appointing himself international executioner; refusing to even address the devastating increase in poverty in this nation that has resulted from the Wall-Street aberrations. And on and on.

This man is no leader, no custodian of the welfare of the American people. Obama is nothing but the willing puppet of the One Percent and we have to look that fact square in the face. This man cannot be rewarded for his utter betrayal of Americans who placed their trust in him. To support Obama for re-election would be to consent to being defrauded. Is this the message that we want to give out: that we are self-abnegating fools who forward the political careers of those who work against our legitimate interests and align themselves with profiteering plutocrats who are hostile to the best interests of our nation? God I hope not.

Obama has done nothing whatsoever to foster the well-being of the people of the United States. On the contrary he has served solely the interests of those who have profited enormously from the collective misery of the majority of Americans. Obama represents the low-point of the American presidency. I implore Americans of conscience and self-repect to reject this imposter unequivocally.

Let me say a word about the current Occupy -Wall Street movements. I have to admit that I had serious doubts that appreciable numbers of Americans would mobilize themselves against the tyranny that is besetting this nation. I am so happy that my doubts were mistaken. The protests have been managed with consummate skill and are growing steadily. I will not presume to offer advice. But I would just like to note that I would very much like to see the demonstrations result in Obama and the scores of other fraudulent and plutocracy-controlled politicians being exposed for exactly what they are.

And I would also note that the One Percent- Obama's backers and directors- understand only one thing --- profit---money. And the only way they can be made to loosen their iron-fisted hold on this nation is to threaten their profit. What else would work? Appeals to morality? Rational argument? Not on your life. Money is all they know, all they understand. And that is where they must be hit. And hit hard. I was happy to hear protestors encouraging people to start closing their accounts in the major bailed-out banks and transferring to community banks and credit unions and the like. That is just one example. But it seems clear that that is the direction that must be taken. Not just threats--- actions. Extensive planning for pertinent actions against offending banks, corporations, politicians and so forth must be an integral part of future strategy. The kind of sociopathic greed that we're dealing with will yield to nothing but the prospect of lost profits.

Finally, returning to Obama --- Please, the denial has to end. It is unpleasant to have to articulate fully the level of betrayal Obama has perpetrated. It has become painfully obvious that he came into office with the pre-planned agenda to function as the agent of the profiteers who made his election possible. Let us not venture to escape the obvious and let us not betray ourselves by submitting and consenting to our own undoing. We cannot just let this fraud saunter into the White House again. We just cannot.