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Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy NewYear To My Three Dear Readers!

I happened to come across a poetic blessing by the Sufi sage Hafiz recently; and I thought of you, the few readers who have been kind enough to take a look at my posts during recent months. Thank you, and every blessing to you and yours during the New Year and always- from Hafiz- and me:


May thou never need the physician’s skill;
Never may thy tender frame be nipped by ill.
As the world’s well-being must from thy welfare flow
Befall what may, may thou be safe from woe!
True beauty and its type both live by thee:
Without, within, from every harm be free.
When autumn’s gale despoils this meadow’s pride,
Straight and lofty may the Cypress bide!
When beams thy beauty in meridian light, May no one hurt thee, by his will or sight!
Whoso with evil eye thy moon-face view,
May fires of grief consume their souls as rue!

Take for recovery Hafiz’ sugary lay:
Rosewater then and candy What are they?