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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bill Maher : Obamaphilomania

Yes, it's sad to see - Bill Maher before and after Obamaphilomania set in. Remember when practically no one could beat him at delivering right-on jabs at Obama's breaches of principle? Remember him saying this? -- " Obama a socialist? He's not even a liberal!" Maher seemed to really see through Obama's continuing concessions to Wall Street and the corporate elite. And he appeared to be anything but pleased with Obama's continuance of Bushian war-mongering.

Maher's stated disdain for religious belief apparently left a void in him that needed to be filled. He seems to have needed something or someone to worship. And so Barack Obama became his Holy One. I remember cringing as I heard Bill exclaim on Piers Morgan's program ( or somewhere ) : " I love Obama!" There should have been a hymn played as background music.

Well, to be worshipful requires one to tithe ; and Mr. Maher has been worshipful indeed pledging $1 million to the Obama campaign. A billion from Wall Street won't be enough I guess. Obama will need that extra million for incidentals.

Yes, it's tempting to joke about this fiasco. But it's really no joke because Maher is not an insignificant influence on public opinion. And, had he not contracted this malady, one would have expected him to be in the forefront in terms of forthright exposure of Obama's betrayal of the expectations of so many of those who worked so hard to put him in the White House.

I find it hard to believe that Bill Maher is really the shallow mediocrity that he's been playing of late - ( emulating his apparent role model ). Perhaps he'll snap out of this - and get real again. One can hope.