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Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Haikus

Like misty moonlight,
watery, bewildering
our temporal way (Issa)

Thus spring begins: old
stupidities repeated,
new errs invented (Issa)

A world of dew,
and within every dewdrop
a world of struggle (Issa)

A flowering plum
and a nightingale’s love song
he remains alone (Issa)

From the Great Buddha’s
great nose, a swallow comes
gliding out (Issa)

Fallen red blossoms
from plum trees burst into flame
among the horse turds (Buson)

In my hidden house,
no teeth left in the mouth,
but good luck abounds (Issa)

So very still, even
cherry blossoms are not stirred
by the temple bell (Fuhaku)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Mad Scene

Hillary Clinton’s theory of governance is a most compelling one. Senator Clinton believes that you can give the corporations what they want and that by so doing you will thereby create a “for-profit-only” society which will ultimately be to the benefit of everyone. And meanwhile you can throw one or two perks to the masses to keep them from open rebellion. This used to be called the Republican Trickle-Down Theory. It is now the official doctrine of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment. Another name for it is proto-fascism; and Dwight Eisenhower warned most strongly against it years ago, referring to the burgeoning threat of the military- industrial complex. I suppose these days it would be more appropriate to call it “centrism,” the current euphemism for being in the pockets of the filthy rich. And don’t knock it: It earned Bill and Hillary $109 million. And that’s just the beginning. They’re on a roll. Why stop now?

And how could those Democratic “activists” oppose her? What’s wrong with them? Don’t they see the absolute righteousness of her position? How could Move-On and all this unwashed rabble dare to delay her coronation? And this upstart from Illinois- how is it possible that he could befuddle the masses this way- with his jejune gospel of participation and hope and transformation? Has everyone gone mad? This can’t be happening. No, it’s not happening. It’s just a fad. I’ll just stay in and keep showing them the way. And they’ll see the light and crown me in the end. No, it can’t be happening. I won’t let it. I ducked and survived sniper fire in Bosnia- and I’ll survive this. No, I’ll triumph. I’ll triumph I tell you!

Yes, brothers and sisters, we are witnessing the mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor on a grand scale- and we’re all in it. And she’ll keep it up until they finally douse the lights and call in the men in the white coats. She was born to be, destined to be the first woman president of the United States! People just don’t understand. Well, they better understand because if they don’t I’ll take the whole house down with me. That’s what I’ll do. And I can. I can!

You know, if there weren’t so much at stake, one might find this all quite funny- even feel a good deal of compassion for the level of delusion that she’s reached. But there is everything at stake. This nation has been making too many grave mistakes for much too long. Please, let’s not make this one. This time we can’t.