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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dervish Street Musician, India

Sarah Palin: The Stateswoman

No, we’re not a nation of morons. We’re a nation of out-and-out cretins. There’s Charlie Gibson earnestly questioning one Sarah Palin on international affairs as though she were Winston Churchill. Gibson, despite the utter absurdity of the situation, managed to ask very pointed, and very revealing questions. And Palin revealed herself as being utterly ignorant of international matters. Her responses were continual repetitions of the talking points apparently provided to her by her McCainian-Neo-Con rehearsers. There were no variations. She was totally unaware of what the Bush Doctrine is. She proposed that Georgia be admitted into NATO despite the fact that to do so would likely create the risk of armed conflict- and maybe World War III- with Russia. She came off as even more of a belligerent sword-waver than Bush, Cheney and McCain combined. Palin was recently yanked out of Alaska by the arch- cretin McCain, who has actually been able to palm her off as someone to be taken seriously as a vice-presidential candidate. What a cynical, reprehensible criminal disgrace. Palin has up until now been known to practically no one and appears to have no claim to fame except for a big mouth, a talent for getting hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks for Alaska and far-right wacko political beliefs --- not to mention rather bizarre religious tenets-- speaking in tongues and The Rapture and God- knows- what.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we’ve gone completely nuts and can be sold anything whatsoever. It’s all over. Let armies of men in white coats just come and take us all away because we have all gone completely bananas. Christmas in hell, McCain, who himself is about as much presidential material as Elmer Fudd , is 72 and with not an ideal medical history. If he’s elected he could pop off at any time--- and guess who waltzes into the Oval Office--- Ms. Know-Nothing Eskimo Pie ready to press her frost-bitten finger on the little red button because God told her to do it. Isn't this serious business? Have we lost our minds completely? Why wasn’t this nincompoop just laughed the hell back to freaking Alaska?

I suppose if McCain is elected and he appoints Fritz Von Schnitzel, the head sausage stuffer of Schultz’s Delicatessen and Pork Store as Surgeon General we’ll find that a “fascinating choice” and he’ll be interviewed by Charlie Rose on the intricacies of epidemiology. And I’m afraid to even conjecture about who the interesting choice for Secretary of State might be. Yes, we are officially out of our minds. Let’s not even try to deny it any more

I give up. This is a nation that just cannot be dealt with any more. The world must be in mortal fear of what the bloody hell we’ll do next. There are no limits to our infantilism. We are totally regressed, self-destructive, adolescent nitwits without a grain of reason. The Chinese are working day and night to produce 300 million straight jackets. They figure they’ll need that many to restrain us as they raise Mao Tse Tung’s portrait over the US Capitol, which they no doubt hold a mortgage on already. Lord have mercy.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Door, Amiens Cathedral