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Monday, July 16, 2012

End Wars and Occupations (Progressive Democrats of America)

The 2013 "Defense" Appropriations Bill is
scheduled for a vote this week. It would spend $519 billion for the Pentagon
plus $88.4 billion more on the War in Afghanistan, which costs
$230,000 per minute. Since 2001, military spending has increased by 81%.
Last week, the House voted to slash
funding for the food stamp program. Please click here to tell your Representative: "Enough is
enough! Vote NO on runaway war and weapons spending!"

Proponents of military spending claim that it
makes our country safer. But no amount of deadly weapons can make up for the
self-inflicted wound of this drain on our national resources. Our military
spending is higher than at any time during the Cold War and roughly matches the
combined military spending of the rest of the world.
We need this money to rebuild America:
a peaceful, sustainable America with good jobs, education and healthcare for
all. Militarism undermines America's
standing in the world, making us
weaker, not stronger. Please urge your Representative
to vote NO on the 2013 "Defense" Appropriations Bill
Representative John Lewis
explained: "War is not the answer.
War is obsolete. It cannot be used as a tool of our foreign policy. It's
barbaric... if I had to do it all over again, I would have voted with
Barbara Lee. It was raw courage on her part. So, because of that, I don’t vote
for funding for war. I vote against preparation for the military. I will never
again go down that road."
The bill would allocate 57% of all
discretionary spending for war and weapons, leaving only 43% for the programs we
need to build a decent society. The House leadership, obsessed as it is with
cutting social programs, is making the appropriations process more grueling than
ever. Please tell your Representative
to oppose this spending for death and destruction
For Peace,Sally, Virginia, Sandy,
Marc, and CarlPDA's End War and Occupations Team