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Friday, October 05, 2007

Has Our Constitutional Government Been Overthrown?

We all know what Bush is--- a petty dictator who’s trying to out-do daddy. And while he’s been playing out his Oedipus complex our constitutional form of government has been overthrown, our republic destroyed, and Bush’s fraternity brothers who comprise the war-mongering merchant-class aristocracy have taken over the country and are now conducting a perpetual war for profit. They’ve already pulled in about a trillion dollars but be sure that won’t be enough for them or for the politicians they’re paying off not only with campaign contributions but also with promises of post-term lucrative corporate employment and well-flushed off-shore bank accounts I suspect. Which brings us to “Congress:”
There is no Congress any more. Haven’t you noticed that that it’s been ages since they’ve done absolutely anything for the people of this nation, whom they’re supposed to represent? Nothing except greatly increase our chronic indebtedness and insecurity, that is. Those who are still referred to as “senators” and “representatives” are nothing but agents for the ruling profiteers, who reward them handsomely. I’m talking about most of these jackals- not all but most- and that includes all-too-many Democrats who are really corporate Neo-Cons in disguise. Their main job is to write- or copy- legislation that will deposit the most cash into the pockets of their masters. And then they’ll invent ingenious ways to present it all as “in the public good.” If legislators are serving the profit-making goals of corporate entities and not the welfare of the people of this nation then our government is a democratic republic in name only. In effect our government has been overthrown- nullified.
The latest filthy lie they’re throwing in the face of the people is that we just can’t end the war in Iraq because there’s no way to withdraw our troops safely. And there would be “chaos” in Iraq if we left. So the war has to continue for who knows how long so stop complaining or you’re a traitor. And meanwhile the billions continue to fall into their masters’ coffers. What, we don’t know that the chaos was initiated by Bush and the profiteers? And it will play out whether we stay or not. And who says we can’t withdraw safely? What, the insurgents want us to stay so they’ll do everything to mangle us as we leave, thereby risking cessation of the withdrawal and even escalation of our troop levels? Is that the argument?I hate to state the obvious, but the matter of withdrawal is a military matter, isn’t it? What are the best military opinions about withdrawal? What do the highest-ranking, most experienced generals say? Here’s some questions, generals: If only presently available funding is utilized for safe withdrawal can it be done? How? And how long- at the least- will it take? And is there any basis for the panic that the politicians are creating vis-a-vis safe withdrawal? In other words can funding be stopped?
There is an array of distinguished retired generals who appear to be totally fed up with this manufactured stalemate. Now is your time. Announce publicly and widely that you are holding a closed-door conference on this matter and will hold a press conference on a certain date. And then do it. Present your findings as openly and publicly as you can, utilizing every conceivable means of dispersion. And if what these jackals are presenting to the public is indeed a lie throw it back into their faces like a bat out of hell and call them what they are. The people have to know. Our existence as the greatest experiment in democracy that ever existed is in peril. In mortal peril. We know that you are truly sincere in your desire to defend and preserve this nation. General Powell, get into it. It is the time for men and women of integrity to fight for the life of our beloved land.