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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Get Out of This Country!

Look, I know that you want to be optimistic. So did I. I know that you want to think that if you sign enough internet petitions or write enough blogs or clue in enough people you can make a difference. But you can’t. The Almighty Buck is just too powerful in the USA and it’s bought practically everyone. It’s bought all branches of government, which are now just willing puppets of the Big Money. What we thought to be the United States is gone; and what used to be citizens are now subjects, enslaved by debt and fear and ignorance and easily manipulated by the merchant-rulers, who are totally without conscience and whose sole motivation is bigger and bigger profits for their all-powerful fraternity. Bush was elected twice! Not once-twice. What further proof do you need?
You think there’s going to be transformation if the Democrats are elected? Take a look at the candidates. Except perhaps for Kucinich and Gravel- who have about as much chance of being elected as I do- look at them: Clinton and Biden are in the pockets of the banks and credit-card thieves. Americans for two hundred years had the right to get a clean slate every six years if they fell into hopeless debt. But Clinton and Biden voted for the Bankruptcy Reform Act in 2005. People who apply for bankruptcy now don’t get it. They’re still liable to their creditors for years thereafter and have to keep paying back if they acquire any appreciable cash. So they never get the chance to re-establish themselves. And that isn’t just the fault of the proto-fascists who call themselves “Republicans” these days. It’s on Hillary and Joe and a good number of other Democrats whose primary devotion is to their bank accounts and stock portfolios and those of their fat-cat friends. The prime cause of bankruptcy now is Americans being robbed and fleeced by the medical industry. And they’re permanently ruined by scoundrels like Clinton, Biden and their Republican and Democratic bedfellows. Don’t be fooled by these bastards for God’s sake.
Then there’s Edwards. He may believe that he and Clinton and Obama are the only “serious” presidential candidates; but how serious is it to present a health-care plan that still leaves the insurance companies in charge? These are the same companies which are now literally killing Americans by refusing them treatment and surgical procedures and required medications. These are the same companies that are now driving Americans into hopeless debt and financial ruin. Are you really all that serious, Senator?
And how many of these Democrats helped authorize the Bush-Cheney war machine to start an unnecessary war which has killed hundreds of thousands of human beings, a war which has filled the pockets of the American war-industry with untold billions of dollars? By the way, I presume that you know that the primary business in this country-aside from scrap metal and rags-is the manufacture of weaponry. So perpetual war is good for business. God help us.
There’s a TV ad that’s been running in southern California. It features an elderly woman who states the following: “ I’m 77 years old and working as a waitress. When my back bothers me I take X. It gives me relief.” What amazes me is that such an ad can be on TV without being laughed off. And what really amazes me is that I’ve heard absolutely no comments by anyone describing it as strange. I guess it’s perfectly normal in this rotten society that 77-year-old women are breaking their backs as waitresses. And I guess it would be equally OK if 87- year-old women were working as hookers. What the hell have we become and is this what you want for your children? I think not.
Am I serious about getting out of the country? I’ll tell you, for some people it may be an option. The trouble is that so many areas outside the country have been “Americanized” to their serious detriment. But there are areas where Americans- and Canadians- have settled; for instance, towns in Mexico where two people can live well for about $1200 a month. I know Mexico is corrupt as hell; but there are probably areas where they cater to foreigners with a few bucks to spend.
My real point is: Do whatever you have to save yourself. Particularly for people who want to be more than enslaved money-machines I don’t see this country getting any better any time soon. The seeds of this American obsession with “money-making” have been inherent in this country from the beginning and they have come to an unfortunate fruition. I’m not young and I regret that I have to witness what I’m witnessing in my latter years. But truth is truth; and we have to look it in the eye. The general population has to demand radical change. But look at the vast numbers of them who don’t even vote. I hope to heaven I’m wrong; but it looks like a very rocky road ahead. The Fat-Cat Rulers would have to feel their pocketbooks threatened to the threads to give an inch. And you’re going to need to do a hell of a lot more than whimper to do that. Well, I guess at least I’ll still keep sounding off for a while.