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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Republican Military- Industrial Junta Must Be Stopped

George Bush and the far-right Republicans who have taken control of this country are far more dangerous to this democracy than even El Qaida; and they’re turning the American population into a nation of indebted, insecure, fearful work-horses who will be so preoccupied with keeping their roofs over their heads that they’ll be oblivious to what the Republicans are really doing, which is engaging in perpetual war for profit. What is rapidly developing in our country cannot be allowed to continue. Our country is being systematically destroyed to fill the pockets of Bush’s fraternity brothers. They’ll make a trillion dollars off the Iraqi horror show. That comes out of the pockets of the American people, who will be more and more pressed against the wall. And then there’s the “incidental” fact that hundreds of thousands of people are being killed and maimed just to fill their damn greedy pockets. They’ll toss you off as a “bleeding heart” if you complain about it. They are without conscience, as even a former Republican like John Dean has said, to his eternal credit. And we’ve all seen Alan Greenspan finally admit that Iraq is about oil profits. He added his regrets that the Republicans have given up principles for power. I don’t think they had much by way of principles to begin with. But Greenspan should be praised for his honesty. The Republicans will use more and more private mercenaries like Blackwater to do their dirty work without legal constraints and to separate the American people from the war and de-sensitize them to the abominations that are being perpetrated. in their name while they “go shopping.” I’m no political strategist and I don’t know what essentially peaceful means have to be used to eradicate this repulsive stain on our national soul. But it has got to be done without delay. The best political tacticians and strategists of conscience have to go fulltime on this. I was happy to see the recent demonstrations in Washington and I think they have to start going non-stop in DC and throughout the country. And since the only thing that influences these bastards is the almighty buck, I think the tactics of selective and systematic boycott need to be seriously considered. And a good place to apply boycott is the corporate media. I watched Brian Williams on NBC News the other night referring to MoveOn as “rabble rousers.” One of the definitions of rabble is “the lowest or coarsest class of people.” So I guess that’s what I and so many others are, according to Mr. Williams. By signing MoveOn petitions to Congress for so long we’ve shown ourselves to be low class, right Brian? Well then I’m happy to be low class. And maybe if this media darling’s sponsors were named and boycotted he would be a little more careful about tossing off anti-war Americans as low and coarse . I know the next presidential election is crucial; but really we can’t depend upon anyone but ourselves. The corporatocracy is so well dug in that even if the next president were Washington, Lincoln and Joan of Arc rolled into one, he or she will have an unbelievable time trying to restore our country. The people, who are now truly un-represented , have to become a force to be reckoned with. How angry it makes me to feel like a stranger in my own country. This has got to be stopped.