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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Did A Great and Free Nation Become A Fascist Hole?

I had been trying to figure that out for years. Then a few years ago I moved to southern California. Now I think I have the answer. Did you happen to see the news feature the other night about the crooked optician somewhere in the mid-west who was cheating customers and threatening them with calling the police if they continued to protest ? Well, he wound up being arrested for disorderly behavior after assaulting a consumer-rights reporter who had come to investigate. The outcome would have been quite different in southern California. In southern California, if a merchant or “professional” cheats or mistreats a customer and the customer protests, all the offending merchant has to do is call the police and the police will arrive, taser the customer and cite him or her for disorderly conduct. In southern California corporations, professional associations, landlords and governmental agencies have virtually the absolute right to do whatever they care to do; and the private citizen who has been victimized by them has no recourse. In southern California the courts, public agencies, law- enforcement departments, and so forth, are all “stacked” to represent the interests of business and the real-estate moguls -oh, and “celebrities,” who can literally commit single or double murders and walk away scot free. The general population has no place to go; and tend to be not very bright and basically obedient goose- steppers. That’s southern California in a nutshell.
So what does this all have to do with my topic? Bear with me. During the late seventies major corporations which were centered in southern California invested considerable financial resources in promoting the national political career of one Ronald Reagan. Their objective? Easy. To turn the entire country into southern California; that is, a place where their profit interests could flourish readily and without inconvenient interferences such as constitutional and criminal law, conscience and ethics or public intelligence. Reagan was the perfect embodiment of southern California and his B- movie theatrics succeeded brilliantly in transforming the United States into Greater Southern California, a place where the general population is little more than a conglomeration of serfs without substantial rights working feverishly until death to fill the coffers of the big- money feudal lords. And the Republican party- without much conscience to begin with- was transformed by the Reaganites into the proto- fascist nightmare that it is today. And don’t forget the “Reagan Democrats.” Reagan’s legacy? No more troublesome labor unions; no more profit- limiting pensions; no more tiresome regulation of public- utility costs or credit interest rates. And so forth. And the courts were stacked on every level with loyal judges to make sure that Joe Public has no place to go for justice. George Bush as president for two terms? God help us. Thank the Reagan Revolution! The solution? Damned if I know. Maybe it’s just gone too far. Welcome to Greater Southern California.