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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Take to the Streets: March on Washington

We have to start thinking more about “in the flesh” activism. The extreme right-wing has taken over every branch of government and has been successfully pursuing their policy of taking from the people in order to fill the coffers of 10% of the population. The de facto government of this country is now a cabal of corporate profiteers obsessed with acquiring unlimited wealth and power at the expense of the American people. The middle-class is being driven more and more into debt and longer hours- and years- of work in order to meet the demands of the corporate usurers who are the true constituents of the political far-right, who are restructuring our society along “old- world” lines; that is, establishing an aristocracy of wealth served by a population of virtual “serfs.” We’re dealing today with what our ancestors fled to this country to escape. Recent polls conducted throughout the world indicate that people all over think that the USA has gone insane. And the unprovoked war and slaughter continue, with Mr. Bush and his cohorts determined to establish a power base in Iraq no matter how many lives it takes. He has no intention of leaving. We are dealing with a political faction devoid of conscience. Make no mistake about it. Even Nixon-era conservative John Dean has been pointing out in two recent books that we’re on the brink of fascism in this country.

The American people are being progressively dug into a hole; and a very high percentage of them either don’t have a clue or are actively in favor of the authoritarian oligarchy that has seized control of the nation.

I’m a sixty-four-year-old man, a semi-retired lawyer from a traditional Catholic family. I have never been much involved in politics; and tend to be a moderate. But I’ve seen quite a bit over the years and can say without hesitation that our republic has never before been in this kind of peril. This is not a time for apathy on the part of conscious people. This right-wing machine has to be fought with everything we have. And that certainly includes supporting progressive candidates at every level of government; blogging and other internet work, including generating petitions to designated politicians; and so forth. But I also think we have to be more “out there.” I lived through the 60s and know first-hand the great value of public demonstrations and protests. Authoritarian regimes hate and fear them. They basically drove Nixon to the wall and caused him to engage in the overreactions that led to his downfall. And let me tell you that Nixon at his worst was Mother Teresa compared to Bush and Cheney. I’m dead serious. These characters play for keeps and they don’t give a damn how many lives are lost or destroyed in the process.

My position is that we need organizing committees throughout the country to plan and to implement protests and marches on a grand scale. I say it has to be done. Now. Review the history of the 60s and early 70s to gauge potential impact. And I would appreciate feedback on this issue. Thank you.