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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Great Decider

There is a video of President George W. Bush which appears on television from time to time: He is asked by a journalist about his feelings concerning the number of American troops being killed and wounded in Iraq. Bush, in response, delivers a perceptible smirk and proceeds to demonstrate a golf swing, This is the same man who has slandered genuine war heroes . This is a man who saw no battlefield thanks to the good offices of his father. This is a man who has adamantly refused to allow the coffins of slain American soldiers to be seen upon their return to the United States.
I will not attempt to apply any adjectives to this individual. All I can do is to try to express how deeply ashamed I am as an American to have such a man be the symbol of our great country throughout the world.
I was born during the early stages of World War II and saw Americans who have been called The Greatest Generation bravely meet the challenges of world tyranny and literally save civilization from destruction. Leaders like Roosevelt and Churchill took the reins and secured the destiny of the world.
And I have seen Mr. Bush in his empty speeches written by his empty speech-writers compare himself to men like that. I should laugh, but I can’t. The hidden coffins are still returning. And all I feel is sad.
I know he can’t be impeached while his cohorts fill the halls of Congress. But I sign the petitions anyway.
And all I can pray with all my heart is that we Americans never make such a mistake again.