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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

George Bush, M.B.A.

Have you been troubled, dear citizen? Can’t make a decent living because of the low minimum wage and the illegal immigrants working for peanuts? Having trouble keeping your house heated because of the high oil prices? Can’t get your kids’ teeth fixed without putting another mortgage on your home? Did you recently have a stay in the hospital and now have to go into bankruptcy because of the bill? Are you upset because the little glen where you used to have family picnics is now an oil well? Concerned because the stream you used to fish in now smells like iodine and rotten eggs? Are you tearing what’s left of your hair out because food and clothing and “miscellaneous” costs are getting so high that your wages don‘t cut the mustard ? Can’t understand why your aging father was forced out of his job; why his pension was cancelled; and why he’s now living in your spare room? Are you in grief because your son's bullet-proof vest was not up to the job and he won't be coming home? Well, naturally we in Washington feel for you. But what do you want- socialism?
Some people don’t seem to understand that what’s good for Halliburton is good for the USA. And the free market just seems to be a total mystery to them. Do you still think that profits have to be “reasonable” or that interest rates have to be “non-usurious?” How medieval! Whatever you may be doing, if your profits are not increasing off-the -board from day to day, then are you a real American? Pay attention to George Bush. He has an MBA. Don’t you think he knows what he’s doing?