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I am a semi-retired psychotherapist/psychiatric social worker and certified hypnotherapist. Originally a practicing attorney, I changed careers during the 1980's. My interests include history, constitutional law, Hindustani classical music, yoga, meditation and spirituality.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Some Thoughts

" What society seeks , ignore . What society ignores , seek ---
To find your real " self ," your Real Nature , is to find The Supreme Source ---
Your Inner Essence , your Real Nature , has total power over the world because it is not part of the world ---
The ' Kingdom of Heaven ' is within and consists of the absence of time and egotism . It can be personally experienced ---
Calm logic enables us to read and understand and command any situation . Do not permit fiery feelings to burn up your opportunities to command life ---
Consciously sacrifice your heartache - Simply drop it . This interrupts its mechanical flow and finally ends it altogether . Drop despair the moment it appears and you will see how it does not want to give it up . So you must give it up . Do so ---
Individual belief in the false ego-self travels outward to gullible belief in human charlatans and foolish social schemes ---
Don't try to make sense out of this world . It has none . Once you see that it makes no sense at all , it all makes sense ---
See society as it actually is beneath the surface appearances . Take away the false smiles and you have a rude and hostile world ---
One of our liberties is to experience society's rudeness and hostility without permitting these unhealthy states to enter and injure us . They enter only when we are asleep at the gate ---
You have nothing to say to a neurotic world ... You know the truth that makes you free ---
You may have heard that people are not what they seem - now you shockingly see its full horror for yourself . Gone are all the dangerous delusions that people are basically nice and will express love if just given a chance . If given a chance they will grab your gifts and attack you for not giving more . But you need not be the victim of a society in which man hunts man ---
Higher Truth awaits the explorer who has happily lost confidence in human solutions ---
You will know what is beyond ordinary thought when you go beyond ordinary thought ---
Pass through the self-walls and walk beyond yourself ---
Human life is activated by an energy far superior to physical or mental energy . Man's only life is that which comes from the world of spiritual light ... Let the Supreme Light guide your life ---
Your true self resides above all mental positions . Find it ---
There is nothing on earth better than being an awakened human being ."
( Selections from Vernon Howard , New Life Foundation , Pine , Arizona )