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Friday, October 24, 2014



Pointers On Contemplative Meditation ( Ati-Yoga ) In The Tibetan Tradition

It is important to note that the following pointers apply not only to formal meditation sessions, but also to day-to-day life :

<< All you need to do is remain like the sky… The Source of mind is unborn. It is as boundless as the sky… So when you remain in the natural state the Unborn Nature self-appears spontaneously. There is neither subject nor object. There is no need to practice meditation in a special way or focus on anything. This Nature is called Buddha Nature… There is no way to search for it or find it, no way to focus on it; so simply leave it as it is… This natural state is not separate from our own Nature of Mind… You will achieve this state and find it out.

 If you don’t focus or use your consciousness in a particular way, you will realize this Nature… This Nature cannot be fixed in words, neither can it be apprehended by consciousness; not even a Buddha can see it by means of consciousness… The way to remain in the Nature is to simply leave it as it is without searching, finding or focusing on anything… 

Don’t look at past thought. Don’t expect or look for the future thought. Don’t grasp or perceive the present through consciousness… Abide in Nature and do nothing; leave everything as it is… Whatever happens,  just let it be. Remain like the sky.

Don’t change anything either internally or externally. Don’t concentrate on exhaling or inhaling. Don’t use your consciousness and don’t focus on anything… Keep in the Natural State naturally, loosely and comfortably… Leave everything open as it is… Whenever spontaneous thoughts, feelings and images arise within your consciousness, leave them freely and your condition will be like the sun shining in the sky. Don’t do anything. This Nature is clear and aware by itself… Just leave it directly as it is. Don’t remove anything… This teaching is a very important key for releasing all thoughts, feelings, images and matter and liberating them into the Nature…

You don’t need to expect the result; it will be received spontaneously… This is called the Activities of Dharmakaya… Mental consciousness will be spontaneously released into Buddha Nature and this non-material Nature will become ever more blissful. This is the view of the Buddha… This is the Great Nature. Everything liberates. There is nothing to do, nothing to change, Don’t doubt; just keep on. Garuda flying in the sky…

When you are stable in the Natural State, integrate all your everyday activities of body, speech and mind with this and they become Actions of Dharmakaya. The whole of existence is integrated and unified with the Natural State… Simply continue in contemplation --- without blocking anything, leave everything as it is in this State. It is called Self-Aware Wisdom… This State is completely beyond consciousness. It has nothing to do with consciousness, so don’t try to grasp anything or interfere using consciousness in any way. Just leave your presence clear as possible; leave it alone… Whatever you experience, leave it as it is. No matter what feelings come up, don’t care about them and don’t follow or check them… Remain like the sky.

Relax into the totality… The key precepts are nonstriving and effortlessness.

( See Ermakova, C. Masters of the Zhang Zhung Nyengyud, Heritage: New Delhi 2010 )