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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Pointers On The Pathless Path


1. Let go of all seeking.

2. It is already that which you are.

3. Only in present awareness of simply what is is there freedom from self-image.

4. Simply let what is be there.

5. There has never been anyone to liberate.

6. There is nothing you can do.

7. All you can do is come to see that there is nothing for you to do. That is a huge step. It is revolutionary.

8. Rest as that which never comes and never goes away.

9. Let go and rest in that which is, and you will surely meet with your Original Nature.

10. There is nothing you can do. Where is this “you” to do anything?

11. There was never a chooser or a doer.

12. There is no one to be liberated.

13. Fall intimately in love with the gift of presence in what is.

14. You are not existence. You are that which allows existence to be.

15. Just drop this imaginary “person.”

16. You don’t need help. Just as you are now is how it needs to be.

17. Your thoughts are not yours and did not originate from you. Thoughts are fed from consciousness.

18. What you are is the still, si lent Awareness that sees consciousness and its activities going on.

19. Let go of everything for the wonder of timeless presence.

20. Simply drop seeking and there it is.

21. What you are is utterly beyond anything you ever believed.

22. There is nothing more to become.

23. There is no role that the mind plays in awakening.

24. Just relax into what is.

25. Dropping the seeker is awakening.

26. There is nothing you can do about it because it is already the case. Only your belief that it isn’t attained stands in the way.

27. Awakening lies beyond any concept of awareness.

28. There isn’t any personal awareness. There’s no one to be aware. There’s just “this” and you are that --- a realization which is impossible to describe.

29. Everything is the Essence Absolute, or the No-Thing manifesting as creation; and you are the source of that manifestation.

30. Die into what is.

31. When the mind gives up and becomes inactive, your Original Nature- Samantabhadra- simply arises.

32. You are the Essence Absolute, the Source, the No-Thing from which everything arises --- everything, including the person you’ve believed you are. Now no identifying with anything at all --- only with That, which is utterly beyond words. Just sit back. Don’t expect anything --- and your Original Nature appears.

33. Something within you sees you experiencing. This something is your Original Nature, what you really are; and has nothing to do with the individual you have thought you are. You are the Absolute, the still, silent source of all that is, the Absolute Awareness. You, the Absolute, are not a “part” of the whole, but the source of the whole.

34. Something within you sees you doing something, looking at something, etc. This something is your Original Nature, what you really are, and has nothing to do with the individual you have thought you are.

35. Awakening is inevitable.

( Adapted from the works of Tony Parsons; Nisargadatta Maharaj; and Dzogchen texts )