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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Word To Dharma Practitioners- From Anam Thubten Rinpoche

" The method of transcending is maintaining what meditators call 'awareness'... the miracle, the function of awareness, is that it actually burns down all of our silly concepts, each and every moment... Having awareness and practicing awareness means we are always ready to transcend, to let go of all beliefs, all concepts, and all thoughts in each and every moment. Once awareness is achieved then awareness is self-sustained... That's why it becomes effortless.

Whenever we believe that we have a problem, whenever we believe that we are real, the mind is actually lying to us, and deceiving us with a mistaken belief. Ego is tricking us into believing in an unreal illusory entity. Therefore our practice should be the constant work of being aware and transcending and eradicating all of our concepts and limiting ideas.

We just get rid of all of our concepts... Get rid of them in a single moment without even taking the time to meditate, without taking the time to analyze them. Transcend all limiting concepts as soon as they arise... The idea is simply let go of them...

The key is at our disposal. Now we have to open the door to the palace of great awakening."

(Anam Thubten, No Self, No Problem, Shambala Publications)