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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Keys To Realization ( From The Works of Anam Thubten Rinpoche )

1. Be in the present moment - with total awareness and insight. Surrender to the present moment.

2. Melt the illusion of self and dissolve into the holiness which is life itself.

3. Let go of all ideas about life - Just drop all concepts. Drop the mind. Just drop everything.

4. Go beyond your thoughts without procrastination: This is the shortcut to enlightenment.

5. Transcend everything in the moment. Transcendent wisdom demands that we dissolve or transcend everything.

6. Surrender all concepts - and just rest and relax. No longer try to hold onto anything.

7. Nonattachment is the only path.

8. Nothing has to be done.

9. "Awareness" means letting go of all thoughts and concepts in each and every moment.

10. Thoughts and phenomena are only "real" if you become attached to them.

11. Offer all thoughts to Emptiness, to Truth. Do not believe in your mind. Do not believe in your thoughts. Dissolving into Truth is the only way.

12. Let go of the futile effort to be or become "somebody." Then freedom and enlightenment take care of themselves.

13. Dissolve attachment to any identification.

14. When we go beyond self, we go beyond every form of struggle: "No self, no problem." Dissolve the self on the spot.

15. If we just surrender and remain in te present awareness, paying attention to our breath, then amazingly the self dies.

16. See that all our "demons" are unreal.

17. Rest and relax. Surrender to the flow of all events. By maintaining nondoing awareness, all of our internal issues will vanish. Karma can be purified only by realizing the pure essence of who we are.

18. Stop all forms of searching and then witness realization right where you are.

19. Attachment to our thoughts is the only "obstacle." There are no obstacles in reality. There is nothing holding you back from awakening.

20. Transcend everything here and now.

(From Anam Thubten, The Magic of Awareness and No Self, No Problem, Shambala Publications)