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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sign Sherrod Brown Petition to Overturn Citizens United

May 2, 2012

The Supreme Court made a mess when it issued the Citizens United
decision. And now progressives like you and me have a chance to clean it up.
After all, we do big things -- like fighting to protect Medicare and Social
Security, demanding that the wealthy pay their fair share to solve our deficit
problem, and rebuilding a battered manufacturing sector and a struggling middle

I've taken on tough progressive fights every day of my career -- and now I've
signed on to a constitutional amendment that would effectively overturn the
Citizens United decision (the one that gave unlimited First Amendment
rights to corporations and let them spend unlimited secret money on our

I'm writing to invite you to sign on, too.
Click here to join me in signing on in support of this historic
constitutional amendment to clean up our politics by overturning Citizens

The amendment itself is simple -- it gives Congress and the states the power
to pass commonsense campaign finance laws. If we pass it, we'll make it clear
that, in America, democracy is not for sale.

You can bet the same corporate special interests that are preparing to spend
hundreds of millions of dollars with their new powers under Citizens
United -- and have already spent $5 million attacking me in my re-election
campaign -- will do anything to keep that ruling in place.

From standing with Ohio's workers to calling for the investments we need to
stay competitive in the 21st century, I've never backed away from a fight when
our progressive values are on the line. And I hope you're ready to join me in
this one.

Raise your voice in support of our amendment to overturn
Citizens United by clicking here and adding your name

Now is the time to give working people a voice in
our elections.

Now is our chance to overturn this decision and get our country

Thank you reading -- and thank you for taking action.
Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senator, Ohio