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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Barack Obama: The Demagogue Campaigns in Afghanistan

Yes, so we have the longest war in American history. And what does Mr. Obama do about it? He declares that it is to be twice as long. American troop strength will be reduced; but our troops will still be performing "counter-terrorist" duties.In other words American military men and women will be doing the same thing they've been doing for the past ten years -- only with a lot less strength, thereby making them much more vulnerable targets for the Taliban, which, one can presume, will certainly not be reducing their numbers. Yes, the maimed young men and women will be coming home forever; and the metal coffins will be piling up at the Air Force bases. All for nothing. Nothing, that is, except the trillions in profit which Obama's bank and war-industry campaign supporters have been amassing and will continue to amass.
Well, Mr. Obama, the important thing is to con the public into re-electing you. Hail to the Chief!
And all this is no big deal to the corporate-cable pundits. Mr. Gergen, for instance, on CNN, sees all this as no more of a problem than leaving American forces in Korea. No difference, Mr. Gergen? Are our troops being maimed and killed in South Korea, Mr. Gergen? Perhaps you know something that I don't. Are our troops being blown up by improvised explosive devices in Korea, Mr. Gergen? Fill me in.
The value of human life seems to have become a non-issue in our society. And rational thought has gone on permanent vacation. Delusion has so infected our nation that one is forced to wonder whether there is any hope.