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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Just A Note On Our Fearless Leader

Barack Obama. Fearless? Leader? As usual, Mr. Obama has been very busy inventing complicated reasons why he just can't do anything. That seems to be his number-one talent. Or is his main talent that of devising devious ways to cater to the interests of what used to be called "the Bush constituency," all the while spewing forth the oh-so-hackneyed rhetoric of pseudo-populism?

I have said previously that Mr. Obama is a hustler and a hypocrite and I'll say it again. I never thought I could dislike any politician the way I disliked George W. Bush. Wrong. Obama now tops my list. And I voted for him.

And I never thought I would have much good to say about Ronald Reagan. But I'll say this: At least Reagan had the guts to bomb Gadhafi and let him know for sure that he would pay dearly for any further atrocities.

Libya. According to Obama and lackeys of his such as Daley and Clinton, rendering aid to the Libyan people who are struggling to free themselves from a vicious dictator is just too problematic. Give them weapons to help them to fight against Gadhafi? No, too risky. Al Qaeda might get their hands on them. A no-fly zone? No, too complicated, too risky. And who are these people who have formed a provisional government and who are asking for minimal help against a mass murderer? Maybe "opportunists," according to Head-Lackey Clinton.

You see Obama, who quite obviously wants to do nothing, just knows a lot better than we do. And besides, are we just going to give these rebels weapons for nothing? Is that good for business? And who knows what could go wrong? Better to play it safe. There's the 2012 election to think about. Obama wants $1 billion in campaign funding. Don't rock the boat. The poor man has the moral obligation to be re-elected so that he'll be able to grace us with change we can believe in.

Yes, I voted for Obama. Mea culpa. But I began to repent within a couple of weeks of his inauguration. Oh please, people of conscience who supported him and voted for him- please- repent with me and don't vote for him again. Please, dear brethren, don't be fooled again.