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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fourth- of- July Card, 2010

Americans, this is the Bush-Obama Age. Raise the flag to the Corporate Authority. Sing an anthem to the For-Profit-Only State.
Profit for the One-To-Two Percent. If you had been more upwardly mobile and had the right connections you would be there too. Stop the whining. Greed is good. You didn't get the message. Sentimentality is yesterday. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have a price tag so don't expect a share if your credit card's expired. You were too naive, too deficiently competitive. Too much catechism and too little Ayn Rand. From now on don't get in the way. You are one of our subject work force, so know the drill. Pledge allegiance and count your blessings. The New Serfdom does grant favors. You will be granted minimum old-age maintenance and Medicare coverage, though requirements may have to be modified and additional limitations imposed. Just know your place and don't speak out of turn. Strive to be useful and study the rules. Have some rest today to prepare for productive work. And be grateful to be one of our Americans.