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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Be Fair To Corporate-War-Industry Spokesman Obama

I am happy to note that the occasions have been infrequent; but one has to notice that a bit too often negative comments pertaining to the policies of Corporate-War -Industry Spokesman Barack H. Obama have been in evidence.

CWIS Obama has important objectives to accomplish and one would hope that further instances of recalcitrant annoyance will be promptly curtailed so that full accomplishment of his agenda may not be impeded even to a miniscule degree

Ask yourself the direct question: What does the U.S.A. have left? Yes, ask it. The steel industry is gone. The automobile industry is gone. Myriad technological manufacturing industries have been usurped by the Chinese and Japanese. The U.S.A. must import, import and import so much of all these items. And what does it export? Yes, my poor naive little crap heads, scrap paper and rags and other recyclables. And what else? Think, think, little babes in Toyland! Yes! War! It exports war. Why, my little schmutzies? Because war is very profitable. At last count the Almighty One Percent made over $1.6 trillion pursuing this noble enterprise. How else would they have amassed such a sum- stringing rosary beads? Even the metal coffins provide them with some extra cigar money. I mean get with the program. Corporate-War-Industry Spokesman Barack H. Obama did- well before his election. Why do you think his first order of business was to establish a state of permanent warfare?

And are you grateful to CWIS Obama? No, what do you do? Nag, nag, nag. I know there are only a few of you. But think what a distraction that can be to the CWIS. All this fanfare about enhanced interrogation and calling it “torture” and all that. And so much of it directed at the founders of our noble war enterprise, CWIS’s Bush and Cheney. Is that loyalty? Is that respect? Would you have directed such barbs at George Washington or Benjamin Franklin? How do you think this makes CWIS Obama feel? To have to experience these impertinences while he is working so hard to implement these changes we can believe in.

We appreciate that the constitutional right of free speech still remains on the books. But after all, as CWIS Bush remarked so aptly, the Constitution is just a piece of paper. And yes, the Corporate Media are doing their best to offset these nagging impertinences. But if the CM should begin to find it difficult to neutralize the interferences, it may become necessary for the purpose of national security to initiate enhanced modification of the pertinent constitutional provision. Certainly the end would justify the means in this matter and one would not wish to be overly judgmental of any necessary and appropriate measures which would have to be put in place in order to facilitate our moving forward.