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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Word to Former VP Cheney

There have been many risings and settings of the sun since I practiced law; but I think I still remember enough to provide you with a few words of advice: Stay off the talk shows and keep your mouth shut really tight because you and your ex-boss Mr. Bush may well be on the way to the slammer. Your legacy is the last thing you have to worry about. That’s set in bronze forever and history will record both you and Mr. Bush as the two who invented and pursued a phony war by which you sent hundreds of thousands of human beings to their deaths for no reason other than your egomania, power-madness, greed, paranoia and stupidity. History will also record you and Mr. Bush as colossal sociopaths who for year after year failed and refused to put an end to the needless slaughter, mayhem and destruction even though you knew full well that there had been no reason whatsoever to begin the war in the first place. But don’t worry. You will have company on the bronze plaque. Among them will be the name of Barack Obama who failed to put a prompt end to it all.

And as to the torture- Oh, I’m sorry- “enhanced interrogation”- you and Mr. Bush initiated and authorized, well, what will happen in that regard will depend upon the decisions of the aforementioned Mr. Obama and the reaction of the American people to those decisions. Thus far you can breathe a little easy; but as I’ve said, keep your mouth shut because the tables may turn and everything you say may be held against you. And if the tables do turn it can get really hairy because you’ll not only have the torture charges to worry about but also any deaths that might have resulted from the torture. In that case you’ll have murder charges to fret over as well. But, as I say, breathe a little easier for the time being. Mr. Obama doesn’t believe that heinous international crimes should be prosecuted and he’s got the complicit corporate media and a host of obeisant politicians to support him. And, look, if you do finally get indicted Mr.Obama may well start a legal fund to help with your defense.