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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Word from the Shattari Sufis

O soul, you are an ocean of treasures... everything is You, there is no other. Whoever loses his self can find himself... O light of the triple world, what place is there where you are not? Look hard, you are everywhere, at play in all that comes to be.
Now listen, here’s some practical advice: sit in meditation and focus on the Absolute form. Seize the upward breath in your body, blow at the fire within your heart. When the flame rocks, it showers sparks... Then sound will vibrate through your body, while you can barely hold yourself in! That is the light of your inner heaven, live in that mystic sound! Among millions of beings, a solitary man enjoys this heaven. He dwells like fragrance in the circle of emptiness, in the abode of bliss.
Abandon consciousness, wisdom and knowledge, focus on meditation not on your body. When you reach the state of union, there you will find your own true self in the place of the Absolute, the Pure, the Void, will be your self without any selfhood. Beyond all knowledge, unknowing rules... There, in the mystical, self-born union... your own true self will be revealed. Stay in absorption in the deep cave, motionless as if in sleep, in the union where there is no you, no other, and no action.
The night of separation passes like an age, in which the knower awakens to love... When the fire of love is kindled in the heart, it consumes everything except the beloved.

( See Behl, A. ed. Madhumalati. Oxford: University Press, 2000 )