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Friday, August 04, 2006

Is it Time to Emigrate?

Well, probably not yet. But what road are we on in this country? If the rule of the far-right- which is really the dictatorship of merchants- continues we have little to look forward to but work, work and more work. The express intent of this “aristocracy” is to take as much as possible from Americans in general and transfer it to about two to ten percent of the population. They have succeeded already. What other industrialized democracies don’t have universal health care and substantial pensions? What other country is borrowing millions from foreigners to wage unprovoked wars? What other country virtually exempts its wealthiest from taxation? Progressive Americans have to come out of denial. The situation is much more serious than many of us are willing to admit. Even moderate-to-conservative people like Woodward and John Dean are starting to talk in terms of “dictatorship” and “on the road to fascism.” But just in personal terms, do we want to be in the supermarkets stuffing bags when we’re 80? It’s happening already.

The wealthiest merchants and their right-wing political puppets are creating a feudal serfdom in this country. Merchants, whether large corporations or smaller entities, are devoted primarily to one thing- the highest possible profit. If anyone thinks that the “public welfare” or the “good of the people” is an integral part of their motivation, then he or she is simply deluded. “ Where there are merchants, there will be deception,” goes a saying. And this class, particularly for the last ten years or so, is the unequivocal ruling class here, with virtually no “brakes” put on them by the far-right executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Well, I hope the trend can be stopped. But look at a map: The “red states” don’t look as though they’re subsiding to me. I’m hoping that this comatose population starts to wake up; but somehow my optimism is a bit guarded. They say there are some nice areas in Mexico where two people can live really well for about $1200 a month. Not to be a spoil-sport; but should we at least be making contingency plans? Do we really want to be elderly serfs?