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Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014, OpEdNews

Monsters' Endgame
By lila york

Who are these people, these monsters who rule the world - and what is their endgame. Are they mutants or is this just what humanity has devolved into. We call them psychopaths and sociopaths, but they are much lower on the scale of depravity

chessboard by By Hello32020 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

All of us fully human people want the same thing -- to live in peace and create a better world for our children. Instead we have endured twenty years of gratuitous wars and grand theft, brought to us by Wall Street. We have stood still while voracious bankers and slimy politicians robbed us -- not only of our money, which could have raised our standard of living and bought us a sound infrastructure, education, healthcare-- but of our futures and our peace of mind. Twenty years of bogeyman fear tactics and false flag attacks and bombing whole nations into ruin and discord. Obama won a landmark election and had the chance to stop the satanic forces -- at least to slow them down. Instead he joined up.

Who are these people, these monsters who rule the world - and what is their endgame. Are they mutants or is this just what humanity has devolved into. We call them psychopaths and sociopaths, but they are much lower on the scale of depravity. They are obscenities, cancerous tumors, puss-filled boils on the face of humanity, cannibalizing the rest of us without regard or remorse. They have ripped morality, decency, conscience, and fairness from any role in human interaction or world affairs. They always win, because they are willing to annihilate whole populations and the natural earth for monetary gain, and we are not. They are our bankers and politicians, corporate owners and Wall Street gamblers -- Syphilis-ridden whores who auction themselves for privilege to any scum with a bag of coin. We know their names. I would list them but it would get me a visit from one of their contract killers, and I am not done yet. They no longer need our labor or our creativity. They have microchips to do their deeds. They see the world as a game board that is rigged in their favor. We fully human humans have no role or purpose, except as victims of their grand theft. There are too many of us on the planet anyway, and we should all be eliminated -- the sooner the better. Ebola, AIDS, SARS, depleted uranium, mercury, GMO pesticides, poisoned ground water, floods, droughts, nuclear radiation, rising oceans, melting glaciers - whatever is handy.

This is the stuff revolutions are made of, but there is no revolution in sight. We talk of torches and pitchforks but we don't see them in our streets. Instead we roll over and die from their poisons and homicidal policies; we move into parking lots and sewers when they steal our homes and our livelihoods; we heave a sigh and get a third menial job when they steal our savings and the fruits of our labor. We see them for what they are, but we do not fight them. The political process no longer exists. It is no longer available to us as a route to change. George Carlin had it right. We have owners, and they don't care about us at all- At All -- AT ALL. Jefferson had it right too. There are no other options but revolution once the Republic has been vanquished.

In a press conference, the new Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, said this "We don't deserve to be annihilated just because there is natural gas under our feet". He stood up. He said no. He grabbed a gun and fought alongside his countrymen. Why can't Americans figure out that what is happening in Eastern Ukraine is happening here. now. Human life in America has no value. We are all disposable wherever we stand in the way of profit; and we will be flattened, like Rachel Corrie in front of that Israeli bulldozer. Survival in the US of A depends upon staying out of the path of their profit juggernaut.

So what is their endgame? It is to kill us; all of us. That is it. The less evil interpretation might be that they just don't care if we live or die so they will let us die, but still - they would prefer that we were just not here. There is no point to petitioning our government for relief or jobs or clean air, for ending fracking or stopping the pipelines. They don't care what we want because they would prefer we all died. And unless we look that in the eye, accept it as truth and come up with some battle plan for defeating them, replacing them with fully human souls and establishing a republic, that is what is going to happen.