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Monday, September 16, 2013

free press action fund
Stand Up to Save the Internet!

Powerful phone and cable companies are colluding with government agencies to trample on our rights to connect and communicate. These same companies grab every opportunity to raise our rates and pad their profits.

Last week a federal court heard arguments in Verizon vs. FCC — the court case that could overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet rules. If Verizon gets its way, the FCC’s rules protecting Net Neutrality and shielding Internet users from corporate abuse will disappear.
Congress and the FCC need to know that, no matter what happens in court, Internet users are ready and willing to fight for the Internet we love.

Take Action: Tell Policymakers to Save the Internet.
This court case is just the latest front in the ongoing battle over what we can do and say online. Our rights to connect and communicate — via universally accessible, open, affordable and fast communications networks — are essential to our individual, economic and political freedoms.
But without Net Neutrality, Internet service providers will be able to block websites. They’ll be able to put some sites in the fast lane while letting the rest languish on the slow road to nowhere. Small startups will no longer be able to compete with companies like Facebook and Google. The open Internet will cease to exist.

It’s Time to Fight Back. Speak Out Now to Save the Internet.
The Internet we love isn’t just a platform for corporate speech. The Internet we love isn’t just another tool in the government’s spying regime.
The Internet we love lets us connect and create. The Internet we love is affordable and accessible. The Internet we love rejects censorship and values our right to communicate in private.
In just a few months, a court will decide whether or not to throw out the few protections Internet users have. We need to be ready to fight back.
Save the Internet. Stand Up Now to Add Your Voice.

Thanks for all that you do,

Josh Levy

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