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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scott Pelley, CBS's Very Own Obama's-Behind Kisser

It doesn't much matter when you watch Scott Pelley's evening news broadcast on CBS. It's invariably an extended song of praise  for the Great American Military-Industrial Complex and its current Head Puppet, Barack Obama.

But the other night Pelley was particularly upfront: Within the first few moments of the broadcast, Pelley implied quite clearly that Edward Snowden was a "Russian spy." And soon after that he presented an  interview with a multibillionaire tech CEO, whose name I don't recall and which I wouldn't repeat if I could recall it. The CEO went on quite in a rapture about how great the NSA surveillance program was and how vital it was for "national security." No, no worry about the invasion of privacy of hundreds of millions of Americans. No, no threat at all to American internet and 'phone users, said Monsieur CEO. Trust the government. Obama and his minions only want your welfare.

Yes, Mr. Pelley, quite an interview. I guess it wouldn't occur to any viewers that a multibillionaire tech CEO might be something of an influential member of the 1% ruling financial elite that has a vital interest in manipulating the "masses" for financial gain and in controlling their communications to inhibit  any "threats" to their supremacy --- right, Mr. Pelley?

Unfortunately, you may be right, Mr. Pelley. So many Americans are thoroughly programmed to be manipulated and exploited that they wouldn't raise an eyebrow. And that's just the way you like it, eh, Mr. Pelley?

You are not an authentic journalist and stop pretending that you are. The subterfuge is nauseating. Call yourself what you are: Press Agent for the One Percent.

Well, Williams and Sawyer are of similar cloth. But really, Mr. Pelley --- You are so so obvious.