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Monday, August 26, 2013

Help Stop Corporate World Government And The Destruction Of Citizens' Rights

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We can stop the TPP.

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Former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has said that if the contents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were known, it could not be passed because it would be so unpopular.[1]

Under the TPP, foreign or domestic corporations could force governments to change their laws on healthcare, the environment, banking, or other public policies -- by appealing to a special tribunal of three corporate lawyers accountable to no voters, no precedents, and no appeals process.

We know this thanks to some brave whistleblower. We haven't seen the full text, but 600 corporate lawyers have seen it and are helping to write it.

Tell Congress and the President to make the text of the TPP public.

The World Trade Organization has been stopped in its tracks for years, and 16 other corporate trade agreements have been stopped by U.S. public opposition. To stop the TPP, we must demand that it be made public and that Congress refuse to allow fast-track (a process that puts the agreement to a vote without amendments or serious debate).

Click here to tell the President and Congress not to fast track the TPP, and to let us see it.

The TPP would provide special benefits to, and eliminate risks for, companies that offshore jobs. The TPP would push wages downward. The TPP would impose limits on labeling food to let you know where it comes from or how it was produced; the only way to know may be if you grow it or buy it from a neighbor who grew it.[2] But the odds will be stacked even more heavily against the small farmer if the TPP is enacted.

Corporations would be able to overturn domestic patent and drug-pricing laws. The big drug companies would be able to raise prices with extended monopolies over drugs and over surgical procedures. Internet censorship, defeated in Congress, would be snuck through within the TPP. Serious bank regulation or a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions would be forbidden.

These flaws in the TPP are just scratching the surface of this disastrous piece of legislation. And it has no up-side. Tell Congress and the President to make the TPP public. If it's as good as they seem to think, what have they got to lose?

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-- The team