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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Send In Your Comments On The Expansion Of Fracking ( Democracy for America )

The Obama administration just released its first major fracking decision: the Bureau of Land Management's proposal to open 600 million acres of Federal and Native American land for fracking. It's no surprise the proposed rule changes won't hold gas and oil companies accountable for the damage they cause to public health and the environment, since the new rules were written by ExxonMobil.

If we want to protect our communities from fracking over the long term, we need to generate heat around this issue right now, so current and future administrations realize a vote for fracking carries political cost. By speaking up now, we can work towards a long-term solution.

Will you speak up to let politicians know you're against fracking and its negative consequences?

Yes, I will comment now to show Democrats fracking is not the way to win the future.

We need to take every opportunity to raise a huge outcry about fracking, and the BLM has presented a golden opportunity. By commenting on the rule change proposal, our voices will add to the millions of Americans trying to be heard above the avaricious drone of fracking. It's time once and for all to show politicians fracking has no future here.

Will you comment now and help create buzz on this important issue?

Thank you for all you do.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America.