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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Akashagarbha Bodhisattva ( Click image to Enlarge )

Just as space, though containing all things, is apart from existence and non-existence, great bodhisattvas, though entering the worldly realms, are free from conceptions of the world. Though they strive to liberate all beings, yet they are always free from conceptions of beings. Though they have profound knowledge of all phenomena, yet they are free from conceptions of phenomena. Though they enjoy... seeing all buddhas, yet they are free from conceptions of buddhas. Though they skillfully enter various concentrations, yet they know all things are inherently THUS, and have no attachment. Though they expound inexhaustible statements of the Dharma with boundless intelligence, yet their minds always dwell on the truth beyond words. Though they enjoy contemplation of the wordless teaching, yet they always manifest pure voices. Though they abide in the realm of all things beyond words, yet they always manifest various forms. Though they teach beings, yet they know all things are ultimately inherently empty. Though they diligently cultivate universal compassion and liberate beings, they know the realm of sentient beings is inexhaustible and has no dissolution. Though they realize the realm of reality is everlasting and invariable, yet they ceaselessly guide beings by knowing their minds and giving them appropriate instruction. Though they always rest in the abode of the enlightened, yet they always ceaselessly turn the Wheel of the Dharma, analytically expounding all kinds of truths with purity of knowledge and unhesitating expertise.

 (Avatamsaka Sutra - 844, 845)