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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Support The Federal Reserve Independence Act

Can you believe that, only four years after Wall Street
and the Big Banks brought our economy to its knees, many of those same bank CEOs
are helping to shape policy at the Federal Reserve?

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house.
These executives are serving as directors of the very
same Federal Reserve that bailed them out in 2008 -- and is supposed to regulate
them today.It's unbelievable, and we've got to do everything we
can to end these outrageous conflicts of interest.

Please join us, and our friends at Democracy for America,
to become a citizen co-sponsor of the Federal Reserve Independence Act -- and
help us end these huge conflicts of interest at the Fed!

The General Accounting Office has detailed instance after instance of top executives
of financial institutions and corporations who could have used their influence
as Federal Reserve directors to financially benefit their firms -- including
board members who were affiliated with banks and companies that received
near-zero-interest emergency loans from the Federal Reserve during the financial
crisis.The American people deserve a Federal Reserve that is truly
independent from the financial institutions it supervises and oversees. That’s
why our Federal Reserve Independence Act would:

• Prohibit banking executives or employees of companies regulated by
the Fed from serving on the Federal Reserve’s board of directors;

• Prohibit the banking industry from choosing any members of the Federal Reserve’s board of
directors; and

• Prohibit Fed employees or board members from owning stock or
investing in companies that the Fed regulates, supervises or oversees with
absolutely no exceptions.

Americans deserve a Federal Reserve that
works for them, not just the top one percent. Congress needs to pass the Federal
Reserve Independence Act -- and you can help us do it.

Please stand with us to end these outrageous conflicts of
interest and reform the Federal Reserve by becoming a citizen co-sponsor of the
Federal Reserve Independence Act today!

It is time for change at the Fed -- real change. Thank you for joining us and helping to make
that change happen.

Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senators