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Monday, March 23, 2009

Barack Obama: Just Another Politician

According to the most recent poll, Obama has 80% of the public supporting his policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. So apparently he's not all that worried about opposition from anti-war groups. Obama just doesn't want to be the one to end the war in Iraq and be blamed for consequent turmoil that might arise. There may be turmoil whether we leave now or fifty years from now. So where does that leave us? And he's apparently buying the generals' views that we can "win" in Afghanistan by sending more troops. What else would generals say? Does anyone remember General Westmoreland in Vietnam? There we lost over 50,000 troops for nothing. What will be the tally in Iraq and Afghanistan? What a tragedy; and as long as the American public continues to accept this insanity it's going to continue. I saw Obama on 60 Minutes tonight talking about how hard it is to sign condolence letters to Americans who have lost family members in these wars. I voted for Obama but his hypocrisy repels me. He could have substantial numbers of troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan in 3 to 6 months if he were serious about it. But he's not. He doesn't want to risk his political well-being and justifies his failure to end the warfare by quoting the generals. Just another politician. Can this country produce anything but mediocrities any more? What a tragedy.