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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Perfection: The Approach to Dzogchen Meditation

Emaho! Leave alone whatever arises in the mind. Let there be vivid perception of the here and now. Intuit the liberating aspect of pure being. Whatever arises seems like the reflection in a mirror, but there is no duality of viewer and vision- they are one in the space of emptiness. Appearance and emptiness are indivisible. There is a holistic existential state, a flawless and seamless reality field, nothing other than undivided pure being. No intellectual concepts are valid. Penetrate to the essence. Thoughts and emotions dissolve upon their inception. Thoughts and their release are simultaneous- like the simultaneous drawing and vanishing of a figure traced in water- uninterrupted arising and reflexive release. Watch the release of thoughts at their inception. Sustain recognition of the primal awareness of pure being. Suffering is released at the moment of its inception naturally and reflexively. No matter what thoughts or emotions appear- anger, desire, joy, sorrow and so forth- if they are perceived just as they are, not inhibiting them or trying to change them, then they are perceived as the free play of pure being, and they are spontaneously released and dissolved into the pure ground of their arising. They dissolve instantaneously, like a figure drawn on water. All is released in the ground of primal purity without stress or strain, neither coming into existence nor ceasing to be. Ultimate perfection is totally indeterminate, neither existing nor not existing. There is nothing other than undivided pure being, utterly beyond definition, utterly beyond conception. Penetrate to the essence- the total presence of singular pure being. Total presence. Sarva Mangalam.

( Adapted from Dzogchen-meditation instructions presented in: Dowman, K. The Flight of the Garuda. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2003 )