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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Centrism of War-Criminality

Oh, I’ll tell you, you liberal nose-bleeders just don’t get it. I mean, really, what is all this hoopla about torture and illegal detention and all that? What do you want to see- Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and whom-have-you swinging from the gallows like Saddam Hussein? What kind of PR would that be for the USA? Or even in prison. Can you name one American president who wound up in the clink? That didn’t even happen to Nixon. I mean - stop it.

You just don’t understand centrism. You don’t know how to look ahead. And what if Bush sent thousands to their deaths for oil profits and to prove himself a great president? How could he have become great without war? And didn’t those wise enough to be his friends deserve a little extra money in their pockets?

Look, whiners, this is a for-profit-only country. If you haven’t noticed that then you certainly haven’t been in the hospital lately. Or you haven’t tried to send your kids to college. Or you haven’t tried to pay the mortgage, buy food and have your teeth fixed at the same time. I mean if you had been a lot greedier and made friends with the right people you’d be having it a lot easier right now.

This is a merchant kingdom. Get it? Yes, there are three branches of government: The rich merchant branch; the rich merchant branch; and the rich merchant branch. So stop bellyaching and get with the program. If you don’t obey your merchant- rulers they will crush you. Do you want to be marginalized? Do you want to be out in the street? Do you want your neighbors to call you a socialist? Or even accuse you of being French? So shut up and munch on your Freedom Fries. Or do you want them to take your house away and give it to someone who can pay higher taxes? Or double your minimum payments on your credit cards? Or reveal what you’ve been saying in your emails? Get with it.

Look at Obama. Do you think he wants to be hounded? Look what they did to Clinton even after he gave in and became corporate. They just don’t forgive the slightest assault on their power. If they did that to Clinton, what do you think they’d do to Obama, who doesn’t even match their coloration requirements? So what do you want Obama to say? That his priority will be to convict and punish war criminals like Bush and Cheney? Don’t you see the two of them playing a game of chicken right now? They both just said publicly that they had authorized torture. Do something about it. We dare you. That’s what they’re saying. McCain got 47 million votes, suckers. So do something about it.

It’s not that we don’t sympathize with you. The moral sense and all that. But be realistic. As far as I know, there’s never before been a nation where the merchants have had absolute control. And that means that profit is the only value. I mean money. Haven’t you noticed that Americans are now classified by their “net worth.” That’s the only thing that’s respected. And if you don’t have that, but only have, let’s say, “creative genius” or “spiritual insight” or what-have-you, you’ll be deeply resented and marginalized. So get real- and if possible get rich. And for God’s sake don’t step on their toes. They shall prevail.

The sons and daughters of the merchant aristocracy just don’t get jailed or hanged- “war-criminals” or not- unless they’re unwise enough to displease their peers. Yes, Bush and Cheney lost the election for the many-mansioned McCain. But they still pulled in 47 million, so Nob Hill isn’t ready to hang their own quite yet. So what does Obama do- call in marshals from the World Court to haul away Bush and Cheney? We’re not even in the World Court anymore. Bush made sure of that.

Who knows? Obama is smart. He could conceivably find a way. Otherwise, just chalk it up to the new moral order, my justly indignant ones. Look forward. Care for a Kleenex?